Investing in a new furnace requires lots of money, time, and effort, so it can be beneficial to get a few extra years from your current system. Your furnace can only take on so much wear and tear before it needs replacing, but there are many measures you can take to slow down the degradation process.

1. Conserve Heat

The more heat you conserve in your household, the less pressure there will be on your furnace. Usage frequency is a primary factor in how long your heating system lasts, so any time you’re able to let it rest will have an impact. One way you can achieve this is to turn down the thermostat a few degrees when you go to bed or purchase a programmable thermostat that can do it automatically. That seven or eight hours each night will add up to reduce your monthly bills and extend your unit’s lifespan.

You can also conserve heat by running a ceiling fan counter-clockwise. When it spins in that direction, warm air will be circulated through your home more effectively. Another way to take pressure off of your furnace is to close your curtains at night and whenever it’s cold out. Curtains are quite effective at trapping warm air inside a house, especially if they’re made of thick fabric. Remember to open them wide when it’s warm and sunny, as that natural heat will fill your home.

2. Schedule Maintenance

To get quality performance from your furnace and keep it healthy, regular maintenance is imperative. When you schedule a tune-up with one of our heating experts at Tyler’s Heating & Cooling, they’ll thoroughly clean and inspect your unit. Cleaning the system will let it work more efficiently and effectively, improving your indoor comfort and taking chunks out of your energy bills. Plus, a furnace kept up to date on maintenance will be less prone to breakdowns and malfunctioning components. By scheduling one of these maintenance visits each year, you’ll buy yourself as many as five to seven extra years of furnace operation.

3. Seal Up All Leaks

One of the most damaging things to a furnace’s lifespan is lost heat. By lost heat, we mean any warm air that escapes your home, and air leaks are by far the biggest culprit. Often, these leaks will be so tiny that you aren’t even aware of them, but your furnace constantly has to compensate for them. That puts extra stress on the system and damages its health.

You’ll usually find these leaks around the edges of windows and doorways. You can find them with a careful visual inspection or by using your hand to search for flowing air. You can seal most leaks on your own with some caulk and weather stripping from the hardware store.

4. Install Attic Insulation

Another way heat escapes is by floating up through your house and seeping through the roof. Heat naturally rises, so this will happen frequently unless you have attic insulation to act as a barrier. The most effective type of attic insulation is spray foam insulation, which is somewhat expensive and requires professional installation. If you prefer something cheaper that you can install on your own, fiberglass insulation is also an effective choice.

5. Replace the Air Filter

Your home, regardless of cleanliness, contains particles of dust, dirt, and other debris. To prevent these contaminants from clogging up your furnace and circulating in the air, your HVAC system is equipped with an air filter. The more particles it catches, the more clogged the filter becomes, so it’s important to clean or replace it consistently. Otherwise, lots of that dust and debris will get sucked into the furnace, and it will become more difficult for the appliance to cycle. Not only will this be financially damaging, but it will also accelerate the deterioration of your furnace. To protect your heating system’s health, check that filter every month.

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