Like clockwork, when the summer heat arrives in Mishawaka, IN, homeowners start looking for ways to trim their power bills. This is because air conditioning use is the main driver of energy costs for the average household. And while it is possible to make some tweaks to how you use your AC to save a bit of money, you can only achieve modest results. The only truly effective way to lower your summer electricity bills is to install a high-efficiency air conditioner. Due to some big technological advances, many of today’s air conditioners feature far lower operating costs than their predecessors. Here’s how an efficient AC can tame your summer electricity bills.

Higher Efficiency Standards

As of the beginning of 2023, the US Department of Energy made some changes to its minimum AC efficiency standards nationwide. Here in Indiana, the minimum SEER rating of any new AC you can buy is 14. If your AC is approaching 20 years old, it may have a SEER rating as low as 10. If it does, a new air conditioner should deliver energy savings of 28.6% compared to your existing system.

This assumes, of course, that you buy a new AC that simply meets the minimum efficiency guidelines. The average new central AC should have a SEER rating of 16, and you can even find models with SEER ratings of 23 and higher. If you opt for the highest-efficiency central AC you can buy, you could even cut your summer cooling bills in half.

Superior Refrigerant

Another efficiency edge a newer AC will have over your existing system is the refrigerant it relies on to cool your home. Very old systems relied on a refrigerant called R-22, while slightly newer models used R-410a. However, both of those refrigerants are now phased out in favor of R-454b. It allows an AC to run with less of a refrigerant charge while delivering approximately 5% more efficient cooling compared to R-410a. If you have a system that still relies on R-22, the efficiency gains will be many times greater than that. Even better, R-454b is more environmentally friendly than the refrigerants it’s replacing, so you’ll be helping to tame climate change by using it. This will help keep temperatures lower in the future, which will save you even more money in the long run.

More Efficient AC Form Factors

For even greater summer savings, you can even opt for a ductless mini-split AC to replace your existing central AC system. Doing so will give you an efficiency advantage you can’t get from any conventional central AC system. By doing away with ductwork, you can avoid the energy losses associated with them. In the average central AC system, it’s not unusual to see 30% energy losses due to a home’s ductwork.

Mini-splits also have far higher SEER ratings than you’d find on a central AC system. Today, it’s easy to find mini-splits with SEER ratings of 25. And if you want maximum savings and don’t mind paying more upfront, there are mini-splits with SEER ratings as high as 42 on the market today. When you combine that ultra-efficiency with the energy you’re already saving by doing away with your ductwork, your wallet should be quite happy all summer!

Consult Your AC Efficiency Experts

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