If you already have an old thermostat, you may wonder if upgrading to a smart thermostat is worth it. In reality, traditional and smart thermostats offer the same primary function: regulating conditioned air. However, smart thermostats have additional benefits for your home in Mishawaka, IN. They add more ways to interact with your thermostat through a phone app or voice commands.

Most people will agree that an upgrade from a traditional thermostat is necessary to help keep their home more comfortable with today’s energy costs. But the question is, how can a smart thermostat help save you money? Here are four ways that it does so:

1. Maximize Cooling and Heating Efficiency

Old thermostats are sometimes challenging to read. Worse, some people find it hard to program thermostats, rendering them useless. A smart thermostat, however, is easy to use with a touchscreen interface for stress-free programming. Many systems will even guide the set-up process until you complete it. In some units, you can find that they automatically choose and implement the best temperature settings to achieve maximum energy efficiency and stay within your preferred comfort temperatures.

2. Remote Access

With a smart thermostat, you can easily monitor and control temperatures even when you’re not in Mishawaka. That’s because they are accessible and managed through a user-friendly mobile app. If connected to Wi-Fi, you can change your home’s temperature anywhere using a computer, laptop, phone, or tablet. For instance, you can quickly turn off the heating or AC if no one is home – even when you are out of the country. This ability allows for significant savings.

3. Energy Use Tracking

If the two previous reasons still have not convinced you to switch to a smart thermostat, this surely will. Smart thermostats are powered by smart technology, which lets you monitor and track energy use. You can use this vital information to learn how your household consumes electricity. It’s a great way to see a pattern and determine if your energy use requires modification to save money. That’s because you can view details, such as the frequency of your HVAC is turned on (or off).

You can also see the total running time in weeks or months and even climate information. Because the thermostat is “smart,” it can present you with personalized recommendations for more energy efficiency.

4. Customizable Technology

If you look at your electric bill, you’ll see that heating and cooling make up a considerable portion. In the past, homeowners had to rely on setting a basic timer. Alternatively, they had to turn off the appliance entirely before leaving the house. Thankfully, those days are gone if you have a smart thermostat. You can set the timer using the app anywhere or use features such as adaptable timers.

The system will learn your habits and schedules, such as when you usually leave the house. You can also set room-specific temperatures and other settings. You get more control, which means more savings compared to old thermostats.

Other Benefits of Smart Thermostats

Apart from the ones listed above, a smart thermostat can also provide the following benefits:

  • Scheduled temperature changes throughout the day
  • Integration with Alexa, HomeKit, Google Assistant, and other smart home ecosystems
  • Geofencing technology to detect users leaving or entering homes
  • Weather forecast to instantly adjust temperature settings

Some smart thermostats also provide alerts or notifications for specific tasks, such as changing your air conditioner’s filters.

Energy-Efficient HVAC Systems

Take advantage of smart thermostats, which provide several functions to help you conserve energy. Lower energy consumption certainly means lower energy bills. Plus, smart thermostats are good for your wallet and the environment. They contribute to sustainability in unique ways, such as increasing energy efficiency. Because you can access and control your home’s temperature from anywhere at any time, it helps avoid unneeded heating or cooling. This practice reduces your carbon footprint.

Mishawaka Favorite HVAC Company

At Tyler’s Heating & Cooling, we recognize that many Mishawaka residents want to save money on their energy bills. As HVAC professionals, we recommend the use of smart thermostats when you need to install a new heating and cooling appliance. Our technicians offer fair pricing for their services, which include heating and cooling maintenance, repair, and installation. Tyler’s Heating & Cooling is also trusted for plumbing services, such as drain cleaning and water heater installation.

Get the most out of your smart thermostat with our HVAC services. Contact Tyler’s Heating & Cooling to learn how to save money and energy in your Mishawaka home!

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