A smart thermostat can save you money by helping you use your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system more efficiently. With a smart thermostat, the decisions that go into creating each HVAC set-point don’t depend on the temperature setting alone. A smart thermostat can use a variety of factors, including the humidity — which correlates directly with how much energy the HVAC system needs — to decide what temperature is best for comfort.

Saving money by using a smart thermostat does not mean you must sacrifice comfort. You can increase or decrease your home’s temperature with the simple touch of a button on your smart device through its app. This gives you ultimate convenience and control over how your system operates. If you’re considering a smart thermostat, read on to see how it could save you some money!

Zonal Heating

A smart thermostat offers a zonal heating feature that allows you to set one temperature in some parts of your home while setting another temperature elsewhere. This can save energy and money by allowing you to customize the temperatures of various rooms or zones to meet the specific needs of your household.

Programmable Schedule

Smart thermostats can be programmed to automatically adjust your home’s temperature when no one is there to change it manually. This feature can save energy by allowing your HVAC system to run less frequently when no one is home. This is a good option for those who spend long hours at work or school during the day.


Smart thermostats are highly adaptable because they can be installed to work with any HVAC system. They can be installed on single-stage and two-stage systems, heat pumps, furnaces, and boilers. They aren’t limited to a specific type of HVAC system, so they are beneficial in virtually any home. 

Easy to Install

Most smart thermostats are easy to install. They are wireless, meaning you don’t have to move your existing unit and run several wires for power. It’s also easy to do yourself, but our technicians at Tyler’s Heating & Cooling would be happy to provide installation if you prefer.

Remote Control

A smart thermostat can be adjusted from almost anywhere using a smartphone app or remote control. This can be useful for anyone with mobility issues who needs to set their home’s temperature at a particular time of day or wants to change the temperature while away from home. 

Energy Monitoring

Smart thermostats can help you monitor your energy use with the power of your smartphone or computer. You can track how much energy your home uses throughout the day, see how much has been saved or lost, and even get feedback via email.


This is a feature that allows your smart thermostat to know when you are entering or leaving your home, then adjust the temperature accordingly. It can be particularly useful to save energy because you can avoid running your HVAC system when you won’t be home, and prevent it from being used excessively by other household members.

Tracks the Weather

A smart thermostat can tell you the weather from virtually anywhere. If you want to know if it will rain today or tomorrow, or if the house needs to be cooled down to avoid excess humidity in your home, your thermostat will keep you up-to-date with the forecast. This feature can save energy by letting you know when to run your HVAC system and when not to, depending on external conditions. 

Energy Efficient

Smart thermostats use technology for energy efficiency. They can use less energy when heating or cooling your home. They can automatically adjust your home’s temperature based on how much energy is needed at a particular time of day. This feature can save you money because you can use less electricity than usual. 

Learns From Your Behaviors

The more you use your smart thermostat, the better it learns how to adjust your home’s temperature. The more data is collected over time, the more the system will be able to accommodate your preferences and keep you comfortable.

These features make a smart thermostat beneficial to anyone trying to save money on energy bills and reduce their carbon footprint. We at Tyler’s Heating & Cooling are experienced with thermostats. We offer heating and cooling services in Mishawaka, IN and the surrounding areas in Indiana and Michigan. Contact Tyler’s Heating & Cooling today for more information!

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