When summer gets into full swing, your home provides much-needed relief from rising outdoor temperatures. Your air conditioner should be in tip-top shape to cool all your indoor spaces. But what if you turn on your AC, and it starts blowing hot air? This is arguably one of the worst feelings on a hot day when you want that cool breeze. Here are five reasons that can cause your AC to blow hot air.

1. Low Refrigerant Levels

The most common cause for your cooling system blowing hot air is low refrigerant levels. Air conditioners rely on refrigerant to effectively turn warm air into cold air. If the refrigerant level is too low, it may be inadequate to cool your space. A leak within the unit is the most probable reason for this issue. Some signs of a refrigerant leak include ice buildup on the outside unit and bubbling or hissing sounds.

Note that you need to fix this issue as soon as possible because it can cause damage to the compressor. You’ll need a professional to assess the cooling system, find the leaky areas and fix them. After fixing the leaks, the technician will refill the refrigerant and ensure the AC is up and running.

2. Clogged Air Filters

Air filters in your AC act as the first line of defense against dust, dirt, bacteria, and other airborne particles. While the filter helps to ensure that you and your loved ones breathe clean and safe air, they also become compromised over time. If your system has clogged air filters, they restrict proper airflow and can stop the AC from cooling indoor air.

Changing out the air conditioner’s air filter will most likely fix this problem. Experts recommend that homeowners replace air filters after every 30-90 days. This can depend on factors such as workload on AC, number of pets, and size of your home. Regularly inspecting your AC unit’s air filter can give you an idea of how often you need to change it.

3. Dirty or Blocked Condenser Coils

The condenser coils in your air conditioner absorb heat from the air and expel it outside the building. Since these coils are part of the outdoor unit, they get exposed to extreme weather elements that can cause considerable damage. Also, debris, grime, critters, and dust can accumulate on the coils and interfere with normal AC functions. The unit may start blowing hot air and becomes inefficient.

Regularly cleaning your AC’s outdoor unit will go a long way in preventing this problem. Also, ensure the area around the condenser coils is clear of obstruction by removing debris and weeds surrounding the unit. This way, the condenser coils will have enough space for air to flow in and out.

4. Thermostat Issues

The thermostat is critical in ensuring your AC maintains the desired indoor temperatures. Therefore, be sure to check your thermostat whenever your system doesn’t do its job. This may seem pretty basic, but someone else in your house may have tampered with it, resulting in the wrong signals sent to your cooling system.

If the thermostat setting is higher than the room temperature, you’ll receive warm air through the vents. Ensure the thermostat is set to ‘cool’ and not ‘ok.’ Also, make sure the fan setting is at ‘auto’ and not ‘on.’ If you make these changes and the issue persists, the thermostat may have a wiring problem. In this case, you’ll need to seek assistance from a technician to fix the issue.

5. Power Loss to Outdoor Unit

Many AC systems have indoor and outdoor units. The indoor unit or air handler blows air into your house while the external condenser unit cools the air. In case the condenser loses power or malfunctions, the air handler will start blowing warm air.

The outdoor unit can lose power due to a tripped circuit breaker or a blown fuse. Fortunately, a professional can assess the fuse panel or circuit breaker and resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

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